About Kaywon

Kaywon is a DMV rapper, producer, and engineer known for his creative, “Nu Rap” sound. One of his favorite plays was “The Wiz” which he performed for his family on demand. The eccentricity and dynamism of this play are what you should also expect from this artist, as he uses a blend of styles and skills to create an otherworldly alternative rap sound. During high school, Kaywon performed in various bands and surrounded himself with punk/alternative music as well as local hip hop being cultivated in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area. As passion sparked he began education for audio engineering and was mentored in the GOGO music scene while attending Omega Studios’ School. During his tenure, he began exploring different regions and music scenes, showcasing his talents across the East Coast. He recently finished production for his project titled “Black Rich and Talented (B.R.A.T)” documenting his experience of navigating from adolescence to adulthood while highlighting his performances at different festivals during 2022.